Training Process

During your time at Engage Global, your group will Explore God’s Word and Experience God’s World. These first two steps will prepare them to take the next crucial step of Engaging in God’s Work after they return home.


Our desire is to be a resource to help you move your people from being spectators to being participants in the global mission God has given your church.

Visit our Testimonials page to learn from those who have participated in Global Christian Training.



Your Group Will:


Discover from God’s word His plan to gather worshippers from all nations.


Experience what it will take to reach God’s world through face to face interactions in mosques, temples, and ethnic markets.


Learn of various ways to use their gifts and resources to engage in God’s work of reaching the nations through your church.

Mobilizing Impact

Missions mobilization is a process by which God’s people are awakened and kept moving until they find their place of strategic engagement in God’s global mission. Engage Global is a resource to help you mobilize your people to engage in the global mission God has given your church. We do this through our Global Christian Training.

Our training is focused on a three-step process:  the Exploration of God’s Word, Experience in God’s World leading to Engagement in God’s Work. The first two steps in the process are accomplished at Engage Global. The third step is done through the follow up after returning home. Engage Global provides resources and an on-going relationship with our staff and our partners to assist you in following up with your people.